Commercial CHINA requires proper care and maintenance in order to stand up to the demands of a foodservice establishment. The most severe test of chinaware quality and cost effectiveness is its ability to maintain appearance and resist damage and breakage under the demanding conditions of bussing, scraping, racking, warewashing and storage. The three most common problem areas related to dinnerware failure are –breakage or chipping, scratches, metal marking and excessive glaze ware.

Some general handling suggestions are:

  • Bus china directly into racks or use divided bus trays
  • Check dishwasher temperature daily
  • Never stack dishes more than 16 inches high
  • Never carry more dishes than can safely be handled
  • Never overload lowerator storage
  • Never put cold water or ice into warm or hot cups or mugs


  • Black Line (Homer Laughlin)
  • Gothic (Homer Laughlin)
  • Narrow Rim (Homer Laughlin)
  • Rolled Edge (Homer Laughlin)
  • Cascade (Syracuse)
  • Gibraltar (Syracuse)
  • Cypress Dinnerware (Cardinal)
  • Fleur Dinnerware (Cardinal)
  • Silhouette (Royal Doulton)
  • Chantilly (Dudson China)
  • Classic White (Dudson China)
  • Maroone (Dudson China)
  • White Porcelain (Corona)
  • Elan (Syracuse)
  • Slenda (Syracuse)
  • Kingsmen White (World Tableware)
  • Princess White (World Tableware)
  • Slate (World Tableware)
  • Quadra (Syracuse)
  • Reflections (Syracuse)
  • Carved Signature Plates (Syracuse)
  • Shade Dinnerware (Cardinal)
  • Mix Up Dinnerware (Cardinal)
  • Radia (Kenilworth)
  • RE-21 (Homer Laughlin)
  • Fiesta Ware (Homer Laughlin)
  • Orbit (Churchill)
  • Alchemy (Churchill)
  • Menu (Churchill)
  • Classic White (Churchill)
  • Alchemy Jardin (Chuchill)
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