CHAFERS are the most noticeable and many times the most elegant pieces in your buffet line. Choosing the best one for your needs requires some knowledge of the features available. Whether to select aluminum or stainless steel construction, countertop or drop in units, depends on the set up and requirements of your establishment. Other features in the chafer line include roll top covers, dome covers, retractable covers and dripless water pans. You can dress up your buffet table with matching accessories that complement your chafers including those with gold colored trims and handles and mirrored or satin polished finishes. Depending on the amount of time the buffet line will function, you can opt to select disposable fuel or electric heat to keep your chafing dishes at the optimum serving temperatures.

  • High End or Economy Chafers
  • Round Chafers
  • Rectangular Chafers
  • Oblong Chafers
  • Marmites
  • Outdoor Chafers
  • Economy Chafers
  • Chafer Frames & Accessories
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