Purchasing the FURNITURE for your establishment is an expense that should be given careful consideration. Seating capacity must first be established before furniture selection can begin. The rule of thumb for accurately determining the maximum number of tables and chairs for your dining area is to first decide what type of tables you prefer and then customize the formula to calculate your needs. For instance, when using oblong tables, you would need to divide the square foot area of the dining room by 8, however, if you choose round tables you would need to divide the room area by 10. By implementing this simple formula, you can be assured there is adequate space for chairs and ample room for wait staff to move in and around the seating arrangements. For outdoor seating, table and chair construction is important to consider. Whether or not the area is covered will determine the use of umbrellas with outdoor tables and might also be a factor in how often the tables and chairs need to be washed. While all tabletops require a linen change or a wipe down between customers, outdoor furniture mandates a complete cleaning process due to environmental factors such as dirt, sand, sun bathing lotion or oil. For this reason, the most popular type of material used in outdoor furniture is plastic and for a busy restaurant it is important to choose only commercial grade furnishings. Chairs should be rated to at least 300 lb. to ensure safety for your patrons.

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